Mantenimiento Integral de Instalaciones

Integral Facilities Maintenance

The technicians who are part of the Maintenance department of INSTALPONCE, S.L. They are specially trained to give a direct response to the issues related to the maintenance of the buildings object of the contract and incorporate technical, economic and homogeneous solutions that facilitate the organization, direction, execution and control of centralized maintenance management.

Our technical teams carry out, in accordance with the client’s instructions, the study of the energy use of industrial or commercial processes, indicating if the correction of existing equipment and the system of charging and energy consumption is necessary, carrying out the necessary procedures With the companies. The ultimate goal is to obtain the most optimal energy cost and savings in accordance with current legislation and the technologies available.

INSTALPONCE, S.L. It also uses cutting-edge techniques, optimizing the comfort, safety and image, environmental respect, energy efficiency and reducing costs to reasonable levels, in accordance with the quantitative and qualitative objectives determined by the management, such as:

    • Obtain the best possible performance of the facilities, guaranteeing their safety and optimizing their performance.
    • Regularly check the operation of the facilities.
    • Prevent and detect possible anomalies in the operation of the facilities.
    • Correct those defects that affect the operation of the facilities, guaranteeing their proper use.
    • Comply with current regulations and regulations in relation to facilities.

INSTALPONCE, S.L. It also has a computerized maintenance management system, which is flexible and able to centralize the control of all the different buildings.

Types of services

    • Preventive Maintenance:

      Set of actions that, together with a systematic of periodic actions on the elements object of maintenance, allow to know the state of the equipment and the elements, detect possible failures, correct and regulate before alterations in the operation and use of the Themselves, ensuring the useful life and functionality assigned. Always in order to ensure the proper functioning of the building.

    • Predictive Maintenance:

      Study and analysis of facilities and equipment in maintenance. Preparation of reports on the state of the facilities, their possible deficiencies, as well as the necessary improvements for their correct operation

    • Corrective maintenance:

      Are those unscheduled and necessary interventions that involve a solution and repair of faults or anomalies that arise in the various systems, infrastructure and facilities. These are the actions aimed at restoring all facilities and elements to their normal state of operation and conservation. This maintenance also includes the support to the works carried out by external companies, as well as attending the requests and providing the necessary technical assistance for assemblies and other diverse activities at the request of the technical maintenance manager.

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